Diving with Nitrox

Nitrox is simply air in which the percentage of oxygen has been increased beyond the 21% normally found in air. Nitrox is created either through the addition of pure oxygen to the mixture, or the subtraction of nitrogen with a membrane system. On our vessels, we use the latter system.

Nitrox diving has many advantages: absorption of less nitrogen into the bloodstream and body tissues, reduced risk of decompression illness for equivalent profiles, and less post-dive fatigue (especially useful on liveaboards!). As with any diving activity, however, diving with nitrox demands careful attention and a special certification.

Enriched air certifications are an excellent chance to improve your skills and knowledge, and takes only about 4 hours of your time, in between dives. No special equipment is required, since we only dive with nitrox mixtures containing less than 40% oxygen. Just ask a dive staff member, and he or she will be happy to help!

Diving Nitrox with Explorer Ventures

Diving with nitrox does require that an additional training and a waiver be signed on board, and a log kept of verified gas mixture, maximum planned dive depth, etc.

Nitrox Waiver


Pricing is listed along with equipment rental pricing. Nitrox fills are approximately 32% oxygen. Nitrox fills along with rental equipment charges will be added to your on-board bill.

Nitrox Pricing

Get Nitrox Certified on Board

We offer Nitrox certifications from both PADI and TDI.  On board, you will learn why diving with enriched air give you more bottom time, enriched air equipment considerations, how to manage oxygen exposure, how to analyze your gas, and how to set your dive computer for enriched air.

Course Pricing