Top 5 Reasons to do a Scuba Liveaboard over the Holidays!

Who says that going on vacation during the holidays is a bad idea?   Here are the top 5 reasons why you SHOULD do a scuba liveaboard over the holidays!


1.  It's more affordable than you think!  
Booked in advance, you will discover that the cost of international flights to all of the Explorer Ventures exotic scuba diving destinations can be cheaper than local domestic ones.  Why?  Because the majority of people are spending time close to home rather than traveling to warm tropical locations.  Take advantage of being in the minority!  In addition, traveling on the day of national holidays are usually less expensive than the days around it.

  • American Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 24th.  Even better, November 19 - 26 is a Year of Savings week for both Caribbean vessels!
  • Canadian Thanksgiving is Monday, October 10th.  Fly out on the Monday after an amazing week aboard one of our scuba liveaboards and enjoy some post-diving island life.
  • Christmas Day is Sunday, December 25th.  Fly back home on the Sunday after enjoying being underwater instead of dealing with the craziness that leads up to Christmas day.  Here's an added bonus - No snow to shovel!
  • New Year's Day is Sunday, January 1st.  Book your flight home on New Year's Day and prepare to tell all your wintery family and friends about your unique tropical holiday vacation when you get back.
2.  Experience is more valuable than material things!
The cost of traveling is the same as what you might spend on holiday gifts, party preparation and decorations, or evening gowns, party dresses, and suits and ties! How well do you remember last year's gifts?  Why not grab your closest dive buddies and enjoy a vacation of a lifetime full of unforgettable underwater memories aboard one of the Explorer Ventures Fleet vessels.  Sharks and rays beat socks and underwear any day!
3.  Built in vacation time!
Many people get mandatory time off during the holidays.  That means you won't have to use up your vacation days and we all know what that means - more chances for another scuba adventure with Explorer Ventures (Do you know about our 6th Trip Free program?)!
4.  No cleaning, no cooking, no shopping!
Just think about all the food preparation and clean-up that goes into those holiday visits.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if you brought your loved ones on a scuba liveaboard with Explorer Ventures and we catered your breakfast, lunch, and dinner for an entire WEEK?  We cook, you relax!
5.  Nobody wants to read another status update about burnt ham and mashed potatoes!
Make your holidays post-worthy!  While everyone else is putting antlers on their dogs (full disclosure: we’re guilty too) you’ll be reveling in tropical sunsets, touring a colonial fort, slipping into turquoise waters or sipping a cold beer on the sundeck!
Do you have any specific questions about traveling on these dates?  Don't hesitate to contact the EV team who are happy to help you sort through your dream scuba diving vacation aboard the Explorer Ventures Fleet.

In addition to being a perfect time to travel, we also have some major savings during the following weeks - Contact us and we'll find you the best deal!



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