Boat Comparison Page

Vessel Name Caribbean Explorer II Turks & Caicos Explorer II Humboldt Explorer Carpe Vita Explorer
Airport St. Kitts (SKB)
St. Maarten (SXM)
Providenciales (PLS) Quito, Ecuador (UIO) Guayaquil, Ecuador (GYE) Male, Maldives (MLE)
Description 8-day trips only, departs either St. Kitts or St. Maarten on alternate Saturdays (see schedule online). An older 115’ vessel with comfortable rooms, each having its own bath & shower. Well-known with a large repeat clientele; repeatedly upgraded and renovated. 8-day trips only, departs Caicos Marina & Shipyard in Providenciales most Saturdays
(2 different itineraries – see schedule online).
A 124’ luxury vessel with space to spread out; unmatched in the Caribbean. Not “commercial” at all, this vessel is best described as a large yacht.
8-day trips only, departs San Cristobal in the Galapagos Islands each Monday.
A well-appointed custom-built vessel for fast transits, this vessel carries 16 passengers and boasts large common areas for lounging and sunning, and great observation areas.
8-day or 11-day trips, departs Male each Sunday (several itineraries – see schedule online). A large and luxurious custom-built vessel, she carries 20 passengers and boasts large hotel-style staterooms, indoor and outdoor dining, a hot tub and beautiful open-air areas.
Accommodations Cabins are located on the main and lower decks. Each cabin is air-conditioned, with ample storage, private bathroom and shower. Large and spacious, with private bathrooms, dressers and closets; drawers under most of the beds. Each room has portholes or windows, and many have a desk with chair. Comfortable air-conditioned rooms are all located on main & lower decks. Each has a private bathroom and 6 can be converted from twins to a queen bed. Comfortable air-conditioned rooms are located on the upper, main and lower decks. Each has a private bathroom, DVD/TV and can accommodate singles or couples.
Common Areas Upstairs main salon protected from the weather, with seating for all passengers; a large sundeck off the main salon and a carpeted bow area for sunning. Very large, air-conditioned full-width salon with table seating for all passengers and large sofa; huge sundeck; large flybridge with seating for 15; large bow with comfortable seating. Comfortable – the fully-enclosed dining area and main salon offers seating for sit-down meals, plus a bar area, TV/DVD. Huge, partially covered teak sundeck with hot tub. Very comfortable and accommodating –al fresco dining areas, plus indoor air-conditioned dining and lounge/bar area with TV/DVD. Partially covered sundeck, lounge area with hot tub.
Dive deck Large and spacious, with large multi-level camera table and easy access via two staircases to the dive platform. The dive deck is a bit smaller than the other vessels, but has individual gear bins for all passengers. The dive platform, accessed by stairs on each side of the dive deck, is the largest you’ll find anywhere! Large, but not used in the same way as the other vessels since all diving is done from the dive tenders. There is space for individual gear storage, large camera table, and ample space for suiting up, and boarding the tenders. All diving is done from the 61’ custom-designed dive dhoni. The dhoni provides gear storage, camera work & maintenance area, bathroom and hot shower area.
Snorkeling Limited due to dive site depth; generally only Torrens Point and Diamond Rock/Man ‘o War Shoals in Saba are suitable locations. Very good options for snorkeling, easily accessible from the dive sites. Limited to pre or post trip time. Some sites offer excellent snorkeling.
Suitability for beginners Very good, though diving conditions at certain sites may sometimes be more suitable for advanced divers depending on conditions. Excellent.. Not suitable unless you are willing to limit yourself to certain dive sites in exceptional conditions. Some dive sites and itineraries are better suited to beginners than others, but many dive options exist for beginners. Currents on many sites.
Land tours Organized weekly and available up to 3 times during the week, for several hours each time - tours are at additional cost. Depending on flights, time is available to explore both St. Maarten and additional time in St. Kitts at the beginning and end of the trip. Limited to an occasional walk on the beach. Land tours within the Galapagos National Park during the week are not available, but a Sunday tour ashore is organized. Land tours can be arranged prior or after the trip to several unique areas. Additional stay options are available. There is a beach BBQ hosted during most charters.
Home Port St. Maarten is a bustling island with many duty-free, casino and resort options within walking distance of the dock. St. Kitts has fewer options easily accessible, with most restaurants/hotels reachable via taxi. Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, hosts many very nice resorts; history and culture is more hidden than at many other places. No downtown area to browse around. Depending on available dockage, taxi ride will be necessary to reach restaurants and night life. Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, the capital of the Galapagos Islands, is located on San Cristobal Island and is the site of the new Nature Interpretation Center, and offers shopping, internet cafes and restaurants near the quaint harbor. Male, the capital of the Maldives, one of the many islands which are part of the Maldives Archipelago. For charters ending near Male, an afternoon in town is normally offered.

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