Dive & Trip Insurance

HumpbackBuying the appropriate travel and/or dive insurance before your holiday starts will make your vacation less stressful and more enjoyable. Here are some suggested considerations.

General Information

The information below is intended to help you assess your insurance needs, but is not meant to make representations about the coverage of any specific policy offered by an insurer or replace a consultation with a qualified insurance company representative.

There are several types of insurance in a variety of different policy configurations available to a dive traveler including (but not limited to):

  • Trip interruption and cancellation insurance coverage. This covers your expenses if you can't go on or finish your planned trip due to a covered illness or unexpected circumstance. These policies are sometimes available with or without flight coverage.
  • Travel assistance service coverage for things such as a lost passport
  • Emergency medical costs in a foreign country
  • Diver-specific accident and recompression chamber coverage
  • Medical evacuation coverage
  • Dive and camera gear coverage
  • Rental car damage

Check your existing insurance policy(s) first. They may cover some of your needs.

When comparing possible insurance you may want to consider coverage of:

  • Alternative travel costs. If you need to book different transportation/accommodations due to illness or additional event.
  • Emergency evacuation costs
  • Tropical weather conditions, including hurricanes, typhoons, fires and earthquakes, as these are sometimes excluded by insurance companies as "acts of God."
  • Car accidents
  • Coverage of just you or additional family members or traveling companions
  • Reimbursement of prepaid expenses, such as non-refundable deposits
  • Does the plan have deductibles?
  • Must you use only preferred providers (hospitals and physicians)?
  • Does the plan you're considering act as primary insurance, or is it secondary to other policies you may carry?
  • What are the policy's coverage limits? Are they per-incident or lifetime?
  • How often you travel. Is a policy that covers just one trip sufficient, or do you need a longer coverage period?

Some final thoughts:

  • Read all policy wording carefully
  • Review all details of the policy

Explorer Ventures does not sell or endorse specific insurance policies or companies; the above information is offered as a service to our guests, but is not an exhaustive list of considerations.

DAN - Divers Alert Network

DAN membership provides coverage through TravelAssist for emergency situations, as well as becoming part of a worldwide network committed to scuba diving safety and injure prevention. DAN membership, renewed annually, is required for insurance.

  • Individual membership
  • Family membership*
  • Non-US memberships

* Family membership may include spouse or significant other and all children under 24 years of age living in your household.

Once you are a DAN member, opportunities include :

  • Dive Accident Insurance: DAN offers three plans, with no mileage restrictions when you use your dive accident or injury coverage. Compare DAN plans.
  • Dive Equipment Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • DAN Trip Insurance

Purchase DAN Trip Insurance Here


DiveAssure offers you PRIMARY diving accident plans as well as dive-travel insurance plans that are designed specifically for divers.

The DiveAssure advantage:

  • Primary coverage
  • Duke University oversight of diving accident cases
  • Travel and diving insurance in one policy
  • Exclusive coverage for:
  • Missed liveaboard departure
  • Lost diving days due to health, weather, mechanical breakdown and other reasons.
  • Lost diving equipment - reimbursement/rental allowance
  • Cancellation/Interruption (Curtailment) due to inability to dive
  • And much more

DiveAssure offers several single and family plans.

Purchase DiveAssure

Other insurance options

The following links are to companies also providing insurance coverage, most offer general travel insurance and may not offer diving insurance.

Explorer Ventures does not sell or endorse any of the above services or representation of services.