Red Sea Liveaboard Diving

Liveaboard Diving in the Red Sea

Dive into a technicolor world. The Red Sea in Egypt is one of the planet’s most exotic and captivating natural environments. In no other sea in the world will you find such a diverse array of radiant corals, schooling pelagics, and plentiful marine life along with topside extensions to sites that date to antiquity – it is little wonder that divers refer to the Red Sea as legendary.

Join us on the MV Grand Sea Explorer, an impressive luxury vessel, and let us guide you through mesmerizing underwater sites. The Red Sea’s dazzling reefscape is unsurpassed elsewhere in the world. We’ll show you the bountiful reefs and crystal-clear visibility that the Red Sea is known for. Your excitement will be palpable when underwater explorations are punctuated by sightings of thresher sharks, mantas, whale sharks, oceanic whitetips, and schooling hammerheads. Each dive you’ll learn to expect the unexpected.

Coupled with diving the renowned Brothers Islands, Daedelus Reef, and Elphinstone Reef Marine Park sites - you really can’t ask for a more exhilarating diving holiday. But yes, there’s more! If you’re already in Egypt, why not visit Cairo? We’ve created a unique must-do trip extension for you to discover the famous pyramids. Explore the wonders of ancient Egypt above and below the waterline. Your Red Sea adventure awaits.

Scuba Diving in the Red Sea

Scuba diving the Red Sea’s Brothers Islands, Daedelus Reef, and Elphinstone Reef, is simply unequaled. Part of the Marine Park, these dive locales show you the best of best. Explore breathtaking underwater scenery, walls boasting huge pristine hard coral formations, sheer drop-offs covered with soft corals, and experience a frequent rush hour of pelagics. Sightings of thresher sharks, whale sharks, schooling tuna, mantas, grey reef sharks, oceanic whitetips, and schooling hammerheads are common. On occasion, the spectacular moon fish have also been spotted. The vessel’s experienced captain and dive guides will escort you to these remote and unspoiled reefs, where your senses will be happily overwhelmed.

You’ll be so captivated by the brilliance of color, you might wonder if a painter with an otherworldly palate reached the reefs first. Many coral species in the Red Sea are photosynthetic, which creates an expansive rainbow-like reefscape that outshines many diving hotspots elsewhere in the world. Here, the abundant marine life is matched with excellent visibility due to very little rainfall. This makes each dive an impressive sight. There’s a reason the Red Sea is highly distinguished in many diving magazines. Grand Sea Explorer’s itineraries make for a trip you won’t soon forget.

Introducing the M/V Grand Sea Explorer

Meet the M/V Grand Sea Explorer

At 41 meters (134 feet) length, the MV Grand Sea Explorer is the epitome of luxury, intended for pampering and a level of service found nowhere else in the Red Sea. She is stable, spacious, and offers smooth cruising. Accommodating up to 22 divers, this opulent vessel has 14 staterooms split into two [very large] suites, 2 double cabins and 10 twin cabins. All rooms feature air conditioning, stereos, personal fridges, and an en-suite bathrooms with jet showers. There is plenty of space onboard, both on the dive deck and in the extensive and welcoming main deck salon with separate dining area. On surface intervals, divers can unwind on the covered sun decks, watch movies or listen to music on the latest entertainment systems, or use the free WIFI to share their Instagram-worthy day.

The MV Grand Sea Explorer is specifically designed for divers looking for luxury and a well-built vessel for cruising between dive sites. The huge waterline-level dive deck can accommodate all 22 divers with individual seating stations, and 3 professional guides will be in the water on each dive. It is customized for effortless diving. Rest assured, the MV Grand Sea Explorer is fully licensed to cruise the entire Egyptian Red Sea and offers multiple itineraries to do so. Added bonus: Certified divers will also receive free Nitrox for their trip!

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Red Sea Itineraries & Seasons

The Grand Sea Explorer will depart primarily from Port Ghaleb, Egypt in 2019, and then will move to Hurghada, Egypt in 2020. This unique itinerary offers 7 nights/8 days of diving in 3 famous Red Sea regions. You will explore the revered Brothers Islands, Daedelus Reef and Elphinstone Reef. All part of the Red Sea’s protected Marine Parks, these islands are an oasis of sea life.

Brother’s Islands: The two Brother’s Islands are a remote and low-lying volcanic group. Tops of mighty underwater mountains, these pinnacles offer extraordinary wall diving along their entire perimeters attracting large pelagics. Oceanic whitetips, hammerheads, and schools of tuna can be seen cruising by. A forest of soft corals sprawls over the dive sites, creating a breathtaking underwater scene.

Daedelus Reef: 180km South of Brother’s Islands, lies the even more remote Daedelus Reef. Protected in 1986, it is an isolated lighthouse surrounded by an oval reef. Drop below the surface and you will find some of the most stunning diving in the Red Sea. Typical of Daedalus are its huge and pristine hard coral walls and the possibility of spotting schooling hammerheads. Thresher sharks, mantas and whale sharks are spotted here too.

Elphinstone Reef: Legendary is the word used to describe Elphinstone Reef. The last standalone reef, this is the final stop of the Red Sea itinerary. Its North and South plateaus and walls are covered in vibrant soft corals, and hammerheads and grey reef sharks are regularly seen on dives. Susceptible to currents, Elphinstone is your best chance to see Oceanic Whitetips and many other blue water pelagics.

To maximize the time guests will be able to explore these mesmerizing regions, up to 4 dives will be offered daily (depending on season), and all diving is done from the ease of 3 dive tenders. From May through September, up to 4 dives a day are offered. From October through April, 3 dives a day are offered due to shorter days and less daylight

Additional details on itineraries, boat layout and FAQ's will be coming soon!