Plastics, Edible Straws, and Greener Policies: Learn How Explorer Ventures is Making Waves

This World Oceans Day, Celebrate With Us! Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Diving Fleet understands the importance of a healthy ocean, and we have listened to our eco-conscious guests. Divers are at the forefront of ocean stewardship, and our liveaboards are the vessels taking them there. To celebrate World Oceans Day 2018, we’re reaffirming our current green initiatives and taking steps to make our fleet's vessels even more environmentally sustainable in the future. [caption id="attachment_4747" align="aligncenter" width="840"] Indonesian dive…
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Contest: Win A Liveaboard Trip and Support Our Reefs!

Explorer Ventures and the Green Fins community have come together to celebrate coral reef protection in 2018! Focusing on diver education, #RedefinetheDive is part 1 of a 4 part campaign lead by Green Fins for International Year of the Reef (See GreenFinsIYOR2018 campaign). We as campaign partners hope to lead by example, inspiring divers to follow only…
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A Step Towards Sustainability

Announcing International Year of the Reef Initiatives This year we’re celebrating International Year of the Reef (IYOR) by offering an exciting new reef conservation program designed to encourage positive and lasting change. As a dive operator we are the eyes and ears of what's happening under the surface, therefore we hope to lead as ambassadors, taking action ourselves. Did you know that coral reefs are one the most biologically diverse…
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