Saba Shore Excursion

Shore Excursion | Saba, St. Kitts, St. MaartenSaba, known as the "The unspoiled Queen," is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. The shore excursion will show you Saba, a secluded island with a magical allure; transporting a guest away from the worries of the hurried world to the quaint surrounding of the beauty of the Caribbean. Mt. Scenery towers over the deep blue ocean; its peak usually lost in the clouds.

The island shore excursion of Saba is the most popular tour we offer. This truly unique island offers beautiful scenery and viewpoints. The tour is a driving tour with various stops to take advantage of Saba's natural beauty, accompanied by ongoing descriptions of local flora and fauna. Saba's people subscribe to tradition in the construction of their buildings. You will quickly notice the white buildings and homes with their signature red roofs and green doors and shutters.

The tour begins at Fort Bay, the islands harbor and home of the Saba Marine Park office and the hyperbaric chamber. Guests will travel by taxi up "the road that couldn't be built" stopping at the Bottom - the islands capital, various viewpoints and finally the town of Windwardside. Here guests will have an extended stop to visit the museum and small shops in the area to purchase traditional souvenirs such as Saba lace and Saba Spice, a spiced rum drink. For those looking for something more natural there is an option walk down a portion of the Mount Scenery trail - a 15 minute walk down the steps that make up this trail.

After the walk or shopping our guests tour will resume in Windwardside. A short drive past a portion of the rainforest finishes at Hell's Gate. Here there is a spectacular view of the shortest commercial runway in the world.

The final stop is at Jo Beans Glass shop. Jo Bean has been a fixture on Saba for years with her beautiful hand made glass beads including the special dive flag beads. Once finished at Jo Beans the taxi returns to Fort Bay where guests will rejoin the vessel for a dusk dive and dinner.

Tour price can be added to onboard charges (approximately $30)
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St. Kitts Shore Excursion

Shore Excursion | Saba, St. Kitts, St. MaartenSt. Kitts and Nevis, formerly known as St. Christopher, established independence from England in 1985. This is our most diverse tour, offering scenic views, a batik factory and an impressive UNESCO World Heritage site. The island itself is truly unique and diversity - sandy beaches, black volcanic beaches, lush green field, towering peaks and rainforests. Our tour visits the highlights of the island, once a powerful force in the sugar cane industry.

The tour begins at the northernmost town of Sandy Point and passes through the fishing village of Old Road Bay, then briefly through rainforest to the Caribelle Batik Factory. The Caribelle Batik Factory is located in portions of Romney Manor, an old sugar cane plantation. Portions of the Romney Manor ruins are scattered around the grounds, and is home to the local botanical gardens. The picturesque batik factory offers demonstrations of the art of batik and a big batik boutique. Here clothing, wall hangings and cushion covers can be purchased - each one being truly unique.

A walk through the luxuriant tropical gardens provide you with a quiet and peaceful rest before getting on your way again. You will travel past the oldest church on the island to Bloody Point, location of the historic massacre of the Carib and Arawak Indians.

The final stop on the tour is Brimstone Hill, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can view a short video of the islands history then have the opportunity to wander through the various structures which were built by several European nations over hundreds of years. The site is extremely well preserved and the view of the ocean and surrounding islands are not to be missed.

Cost for this tour is paid directly to the driver (approximately $30)
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St. Maarten Shore Excursion

A tour of St. Maarten is great for guests arriving very early or departing late. An interesting island, touted as "a little European" lot of Caribbean," St. Maarten is half Dutch and half French. You may consider visiting Orient Beach and Simpson Bay and viewing the multi-million dollar mega yachts. Stop in Marigot, on the French side to shop at exclusive boutiques, the open air market on Saturday mornings and a bistro for a baguette and a coffee. The restaurants on the French side are hard to beat.

Ask the crew onboard for additional information regarding tours.

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