DEMA 2018: Venturer of the Year Contest


DEMA 2018 | Venturer of the Year Contest

Join us for the first-ever "Venturer of the Year” contest! Compete to WIN great prizes including one of FOUR liveaboard trips, SCUBAPRO dive gear and more! Each morning ScubaRadio will host the competition at the warm-up party and on Friday we will crown our Mr. or Ms. "Venturer of the Year" with the amazing grand prizes!

You can WIN daily prizes, and earn a chance to enter in the GRAND PRIZE finale contest Friday at 2:00pm

Prizes: One of FOUR liveaboards trips, SCUBAPRO dive gear, and more!

When: Wed, Thurs, and Friday @9:00am for daily contests - Friday @2:00pm for the Grand Prize!

Where: DEMA show lobby for the daily contests - Explorer Ventures booth #1919 for the Grand Prize.

How: It's a surprise, but anyone can compete! However, you must attend the mid-week contests to be entered for our grand prize.

See you there, and good luck!


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