Our first ‘Venturer of the Year’ and the winner is…?

Our first ‘Venturer of the Year’ and the winner is... 

2018 marks Explorer Ventures successful launch of ‘Venturer of the Year,’ a grand prize contest giveaway in collaboration with ScubaRadio. 

Our exciting new Venturer of the Year contest offered DEMA participants the chance to compete in lively scuba-related games to enter the grand prize finale contest, or to win one of our daily liveaboard trip giveaways. Each morning at the warm-up show, Greg the Divemaster from ScubaRadio hosted friendly mini-games where audience members competed in snorkel shootouts (contestants aimed to hit a bullseye with a soft dart), as well as a giant inflatable ring toss and a key ring swing. On the final Friday afternoon of DEMA, we held our grand finale contest to crown our Mr. or Ms. ‘Venturer of the Year.’ The competition was steep as the winner competed against 4 other participants to win a long-distance snorkel shootout and take home the amazing grand prizes, valuing over $7,000 USD. {Scroll to bottom of the page for contest gallery and winner announcements}

So, who was our very first Venturer of the Year’ grand prize winner...   Ed Arens! 

Congratulations to Ed Arens, our 2018 ‘Venturer of the Year!’ Ed has won an incredible 8 Day/7 Night liveaboard dive package aboard Majestic Explorer in the Galapagos Islands, and a SCUBAPRO G2C Dive Computer. Complete package value: $7,094 

Venturer of the Year Winner 2018 Explorer Ventures

Winner Ed receives his grand prizes of a liveaboard trip aboard Majestic Explorer and a SCUBAPRO G2C dive computer. From left: Greg the Divemaster {ScubaRadio}, Rachel Huber {Explorer Ventures}, Ed Arens, Rene Dupre {SCUBAPRO}.

Warm-up show winners: 

Day 1 Giveaway: 8 Day/7 Night liveaboard dive package aboard Caribbean Explorer II - Winner: Mario H.

Day 2 Giveaway: 8 Day/7 Night liveaboard dive package aboard Humboldt Explorer - Winner: Dan K.

Day 3 Giveaway: 8 Day/7 Night liveaboard dive package aboard Turks & Caicos Explorer II - Winner: Dan H.

Congratulations to all our winners, and thank you to everyone who participated to make our first ‘Venturer of the Year’ contest a success! Special thanks to Greg and his team at ScubaRadio for coordinating the games and facilitating the warm-up show giveaways, as well to SCUBAPRO for their contribution of an amazing G2C Dive Computer.


Venturer of the Year 2018 Gallery



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