Plastics, Edible Straws, and Greener Policies: Learn How The Explorer Ventures Fleet is Making Waves

This World Oceans Day, Celebrate With Us!

Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Diving Fleet understands the importance of a healthy ocean, and divers are at the forefront of ocean stewardship. To celebrate World Oceans Day 2018, Explorer Ventures along with our partners Carpe Diem Maldives, White Manta Diving, and Galasam, are reaffirming our current green initiatives and taking steps to make our fleets' vessels even more environmentally sustainable in the future.

Indonesian Dive Crews Clean up Harbor | World Oceans Day 2018 | Explorer Ventures

Indonesian dive crews cleaning up plastic from local harbors. Credit: White Manta Diving

Our approach branches globally through increasing conservation awareness and understanding, stewardship, and action. This strategy includes adopting exciting new sustainability initiatives and fortifying existing efforts throughout the fleet. 

Let’s take a look at initiatives by destination: 

Saba/St Kitts/St Maarten: Caribbean Explorer II 

  • Adopted Green Fins policies in spring 2018 to become the first liveaboards to champion these practices. Green Fins, internationally coordinated by Reef-World, is the only recognized environmental set of standards by UN Environment. With a comprehensive management approach, these standards provide guidance and support to promote best practices in the diving and snorkeling industry. Learn more here.  
  • Plastic straws are not used onboard; they have never been. Use of plastic bags, disposable utensils, and single-use food containers is also avoided.   
  • Soda dispensing machines were installed to reduce plastic waste. Each guest is provided a labeled re-useable cup for their trip, eliminating waste and conserving water use. 
  • Used and old scuba gear is provided to the local fishing and diving community for reuse. This helps to involve local communities, spreading the message of the importance of recycling. 
  • Assists in installation and maintenance of Saba Marine Park moorings to minimize anchoring and limit reef damage by boaters.  

Galapagos: Humboldt Explorer and Majestic Explorer 

  • Complete ban of plastic straws, food takeaway containers and plastic water bottles by August 2018. 
  • Dive guides must be certified through Galapagos National Park and the Ministry of Tourism which involves in-depth classes and education on ocean stewardship. This education is passed onto our guests through dive briefings and encourages further awareness.  
  • Buys local products from the Galapagos Islands, reducing carbon footprint and supporting local economies.  


Lolistraw-Green-Initiative World Oceans Day | Explorer Ventures | Carpe Diem Maldives

CARPE DIEM MALDIVES (CDM): An industry frontrunner introducing edible straws and bio-degradable waste bags to their green initiatives!

  • Plastic straw alternatives are being offered in the near future onboard all CDM liveaboards. Working with Lolistraw, CDM will offer the worlds-first edible straw made of seaweed! Learn more here. 
  • Working towards eliminating single-use plastics, CDM is in the process of bringing onboard "plastic bags" which are certified and biodegradable, products not made from plastics. Learn more here.   
  • Complimentary water bottle for each guest to use and take home, eliminating waste and saving water.  

Indonesia: Raja Manta Explorer and Blue Manta Explorer 

WHITE MANTA DIVING: Way out front with green initiatives and hands-on action!

  • Eliminated use of plastic straws, disposable utensils and single-use takeaway containers onboard (since 2012). 
  • Prohibit on batteries that are not rechargeable. All guests’ disposable batteries are collected and kept then reused/recycled onboard. 
  • Crews perform regular harbor cleanups between trips, collecting kilograms of plastic & other trash. For Indonesia where plastic is a major concern, these harbor cleanups often catch the interest of locals & fishermen using the ports - this helps to involve local communities, spread the message of the importance of recycling & of saying no to plastic whenever possible.  

Turks and Caicos Islands: Turks & Caicos Explorer II 

  • Adopting Green Fins policies in June 2018. These standards promote scuba best practices for Explorer Ventures as an operator and for our guests while diving on the reefs.  Learn more here.  
  • Plastic straws are not used onboard; they have never been. Use of plastic bags, disposable utensils, and single-use food containers is also avoided.   
  • Installed soda dispensing machines to reduce plastic waste. Provide each guest a labeled re-useable for their trip, eliminating waste and saving water use. 

To continue to encourage positive and lasting stewardship of our oceans, Explorer Ventures will continue our years-long support for various conservation initiatives, such as Sea Save, Shark Angels, and the Turks & Caicos Reef Fund. We will also continue working towards introducing restrictions on sunscreens and bathing products which aren’t ocean-safe and eliminating single-use plastics across the fleet.  

Guests are encouraged to consider supporting these green initiatives, by only bringing reef-safe products for their trip and by limiting their use of single-use plastics (and packaging) while at home and onboard.  

Together we can "prevent plastic pollution and encourage solutions for a healthy ocean. 

-World Oceans Day 2018 



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