Dive Unspoiled Slices of the Caribbean Sea

Scuba Diving Magazine recognizes the Caribbean as "the birthplace of recreational scuba diving, dishing up an impressive dive slate." An exotic destination for some, for others it's their turquoise fun-filled backyard. The Caribbean Sea boasts fantastic diving year-round and is easy to access, making it a go-to for many avid dive travelers. Each culturally diverse island offers a handful of land-based resorts, but only a few liveaboards access its most remote and famous locations. For more than 31 years, Explorer Ventures has been offering exclusive itineraries to these unspoiled slices of paradise and redefining the art of scuba diving travel.

Explorer Ventures

A school of French Grunts in the Turks & Caicos Islands

The island of Saba lay undiscovered for years, but the word got out, and now it has become one of the top diving destinations in the Caribbean. Lovingly called the "Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean," Saba has been a protected marine park since 1987 and only a few local dive shops visit these jaw-dropping sites. The Turks & Caicos Islands are just as impressive. In 2017, they were voted #2 in the 'Top 5 Best Destination For Scuba Diving With Big Animals In The Caribbean & Atlantic.' They are well deserving of this title by Scuba Diving Magazines Reader's Choice Awards. The underwater abundance and diversity of marine life on these Caribbean islands will not disappoint.

Explorer Ventures makes dive travel easy to these spectacular Caribbean Islands, offering comfortable and customized liveaboard vessels that put you right on the doorstep of some of the Caribbean's most untouched, off-the-beaten-track dive sites. Shore-based stays mean you spend most of your time commuting to these hard to reach dive sites. On Explorer Ventures liveaboards, you're only a giant stride away from discovering this dramatic underwater scenery, and you can dive up to 5 times a day! No fuss! Where else can you wake up in an air-conditioned cabin and, mere feet away, stride into crystal clear waters teeming with tropical fish? When first boarding the vessels, you unpack your gear once, then leave the rest to the experienced dive crew. When not diving, you can relax in the air-conditioned salons or sunbathe on the ample sundecks. Complimentary alcohol is included, along with a plentiful array of delicious meals and desserts. As inclusive 'floating resorts', these liveaboards are the best way to discover the Caribbean Sea's idyllic gems.


  • Only company offering liveaboard diving in extraordinary Saba and St Kitts.
  • Dive directly from the mothership on Turks and Caicos’ three most famous islands
  • Up to 5 dives a day, including night dives.
  • Multiple dives on 'off the beaten path' and hard to get to sites.
  • Around the clock service from friendly, fun, and experienced liveaboard crews.
  • Onboard diving amenities including large dive decks, Nitrox, rental equipment, camera tables, easy entry/exit platforms, and experienced English-speaking dive staff.
  • Easy access through direct flights from USA and Canada to international airports for both liveaboard itineraries.
Explorer Ventures

Caribbean Explorer II

Discover Saba & St. Kitts – Caribbean Explorer II

This itinerary is an intriguing blend of French, English, Dutch and Native cultures. Visiting the islands of St Maarten, Saba and St Kitts, you get to experience the laid-back old island culture blended with new age bustle and action. The islands are as fascinating above as they are below, therefore this itinerary offers up to 3 land tours to experience the best of both worlds.

Trip highlights include Saba Marine Park which was developed in 1987 to protect the ‘Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean'. A dormant volcano, Saba offers dramatic underwater pinnacles, volcanic sands, and lava tubes encrusted in vibrant healthy corals. St Kitts, situated in the Eastern Caribbean, is bordered by two bodies of water, the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Due to the islands' ideal location, the aquatic biodiversity is bountiful. Old wrecks and shallow reef systems are home to every creature from frogfish to nurse sharks. The River Taw, voted one of the most photogenic wrecks in the Caribbean, is a dive itinerary staple. Paradise Reef, another top dive site, certainly lives up to its name!

Explorer Ventures

Turks & Caicos Explorer II

Discover Turks & Caicos Islands - Turks & Caicos Explorer II

An archipelago located southeast of the Bahamas, the Turks & Caicos Islands consist of two island chains separated by the 6000-foot Turks Island Passage. The islands visited on this itinerary are Providenciales, West Caicos, and French Cay, each a scuba diver's dream. Surrounded by vertical walls, they have sprouted their own unique underwater personalities. However, all three islands are known for climactic wall diving and thrilling pelagic diving. It's often quoted to be "shark week every week" on Turks & Caicos Explorer II. Caribbean reef sharks are common, along with spotted eagle rays, groupers, and turtles. Hammerheads and blacktip sharks are also spotted on a frequent basis, and occasionally manta rays and dolphins make an appearance. Experience high-voltage dives on sheer walls that carry on into the abyss, then explore deep ledges in remarkable visibility. These waters contain over 1000 square miles of living reef and are waiting for you to discover them.

Dive beautiful Caribbean Sea reef-scapes | Explorer Ventures

Dive beautiful Caribbean Sea reef-scapes

Need to Know

  • Comfortable 115ft (32m) Caribbean Explorer II accommodates 18 guests, in 9 air-conditioned cabins with en-suite private bathrooms.
    • Up to 3 optional land excursions to experience local Caribbean culture
    • Meals, snacks, alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages included
    • Nitrox, rental equipment, and courses available.
    • Fly into or out of Princess Juliana International SXM (St Maarten) or Robert L Bradshaw International Airport SKB (St. Kitts)
    • Learn more here.
  • Luxurious 124ft (38m) Turks & Caicos Explorer II accommodates 20 guests, in 10 air-conditioned cabins with en-suite private bathrooms.
    • Meals, snacks, alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages included
    • Nitrox, rental equipment, and courses available.
    •  Fly into Providenciales International Airport (PLS)
    • Learn more here.

Travel Tips

Dive season in the Caribbean is year-round! Water temperatures rarely dip below the mid 70s, with the warmest water August-October. Hurricane season is June to October if you prefer to avoid that time of year, however, the islands are rarely affected more than a few weeks a year. Flights tend to be most affordable during September to mid-December so it's a great time to travel. Amazing diving and remarkable visibility can be enjoyed year-round.

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